An illuminated road

A design systems tale, how Figma changed our workflow

It's really no wonder how Figma rapidly rose and took over the design market - the majority of the design community moved in 2020 from Sketch to Figma.

Marcelo Brum avatarMar 16, 2021
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Tips for productive remote work

I don’t intend this to be an exhaustive list of all the possible tips and techniques that can be applied when working remotely, as with all, different things work for different people. These are just some of the approaches that have worked for us and that I encourage you to try out and see if they work for you.

Gabriel Barreneche avatarMar 16, 2021

A headless CMS overview

I got a question from a prospect the other day. They wanted to know how a Headless CMS will help them change and evolve their website faster and -hopefully- without our intervention. Instead of answering their email right away, I asked if I could deliver my answer in a blog post because I think this topic may be interesting to others.

Gabriel Chertok avatarMar 12, 2021

🛡 Blitz Guard

I know I can't compare a mature framework like Rails to Blitz that barely has a year old, but I certainly miss the "there must be a gem for that" feeling.

Gabriel Chertok avatarFeb 9, 2021

ClipPath, Custom Painter, and Flutter CustomClipper made it fast!

Tools and techniques to create paths and convert them to cut things on Flutter.

Mauro Di Bert avatarOct 14, 2020

A fullstack framework for the serverless era

The current serverless trend involves practices that I don't think are useful for 95% of the apps that get built out there

Gabriel Chertok avatarSep 22, 2020

Avoid JIRA like the plague

It's 2020, and JIRA doesn't allow you to archive projects, nor to export them, nor having feature parity with his own on-premises version. It's pretty clear. I dislike the tool, but these are not the main reasons we should avoid using it.

Gabriel Chertok avatarAug 18, 2020

My monolith doesn't fit in your serverless

As cool as serverless is, I found myself always needing to go an extra mile to deploy a complete solution, and it's not for the lack of tools. I have come to the conclusion that the problems I'm tasked to solve are tricky to get right using a serverless approach.

Gabriel Chertok avatarJul 28, 2020