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Blitz.js is a fullstack react framework built on top of Next.js that uses a Zero-API approach for interacting with the backend.

šŸ›” Blitz Guard

I know I can't compare a mature framework like Rails to Blitz that barely has a year old, but I certainly miss the "there must be a gem for that" feeling.

Gabriel Chertok avatarFeb 9, 2021

A fullstack framework for the serverless era

The current serverless trend involves practices that I don't think are useful for 95% of the apps that get built out there

Gabriel Chertok avatarSep 22, 2020

My monolith doesn't fit in your serverless

As cool as serverless is, I found myself always needing to go an extra mile to deploy a complete solution, and it's not for the lack of tools. I have come to the conclusion that the problems I'm tasked to solve are tricky to get right using a serverless approach.

Gabriel Chertok avatarJul 28, 2020